Innovative production tracking

Innovative production tracking

Our aim is to integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing cycles of our customers’ garments. We’re investing in ethical sourcing and innovative systems, incorporating the latest information technology and production technology, to ensure that all labels and packaging items are produced with care, accuracy and speed.

Supply chain strategy

The complex nature of global supply chains means there is no room for error. Garment manufacturers operate in a highly competitive marketplace and need responsive, flexible and proactive partners to achieve the best possible outcomes. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest production technology and ethical sourcing practices.

The production tracking system developed by our technology partner Segura enables us to root out potential problems before they occur. Not only does this reduce downtime and keep production moving at crucial stages, it gives our customers full visibility over the status of their orders and means they remain in control of their supply chain at all times.

Supply chain analytics

Our asset library provides a centralised archive containing client visuals, artwork, specifications and online manuals. All our manufacturing sites have access to the library, allowing them to upload and download accurate data fast. This also means that amendments to orders can be flagged up instantly and acted upon in real time.

Orders are received electronically and imported into the production process. The technology we use is designed to produce the very best labels and packaging for our customers – on time, every time, and at the right price.