Make Britannia your sustainable packaging partner

Work with Britannia to develop your sustainable packaging strategy.

Sustainable sourcing is becoming a bigger priority in the fashion industry, but is your business ready? Britannia is committed to pursuing performance objectives outlined in our own Sustainability Roadmap, making us the perfect sustainable packaging partner for responsible garment retailers.

Work with Britannia to address the nine pillars of sustainability:


Each of our sites undergoes annual ETI audits, and some undergo additional customer audits by major retailers, all of whom have been satisfied with our performance. We also use an innovative production tracking solution developed by our technology partner Segura, which provides total transparency across all sourcing activities.


Our Global Ethics Policy informs all internal audits and governance. This ensures that Britannia meets the ethical standards expected by our customers around the world, as well as the standards we expect from ourselves.


We accurately trace sustainable materials throughout our supply chain and onto customers. Our ERP solution can trigger changes in paperwork for any sustainable packaging orders, adding logos and registration numbers as disclosure of a product’s sustainable sourcing. We are now expanding this feature across all global sites, so every customer can benefit from complete piece of mind over their sustainable packaging orders.

Business relationships

In order to produce sustainable packaging, Britannia negotiates fair trading practices with suppliers, garment manufacturers and retailers. We closely monitor ethical standards, enforcing ETI audits across all subcontract manufacturers and planning to extend these standards across all suppliers in the future.

Stakeholder satisfaction

Britannia is as strong as the hands that build it, and by satisfying stakeholder needs we aim to repay the favour. We work by the motto “be the best you can be”, and apply this to our interactions with customers and suppliers, employees and local communities.


We are heavily invested in the local communities surrounding each of our global facilities. Led by our managing director in Bangladesh, Britannia recently renovated a school within the local community, while we modernised our nearby factory to meet stringent industry health and safety standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Britannia has nearly four decades of experience in the garment packaging industry, and we pride ourselves on nurturing long lasting customer relationships through meaningful collaboration. At the recent George supplier conference, we received an award for flexibility across our global services, after satisfying one of the most demanding supplier accreditation programmes in the industry.

Our employees

Britannia’s industry success is a direct result of our dedicated and passionate employees. By providing the right support and education, we are able to improve and evolve as a company.


We comply with local environmental legislation at each of our global facilities, and Britannia’s own Global Environment Policy drives a harmonious companywide approach. New facilities in Bangladesh and India have been tailored for sustainable packaging production, demonstrating our commitment.

Our state-of-the-art production system enables us to reduce the risk of wasteful overruns, minimising material waste, utilities and effluent. Britannia’s strategically located sites are also close to needlepoint, lowering the costs and carbon footprint associated with long distance shipping.