Why Britannia?

Why choose us as your packaging supplier

High quality labels and packaging, delivered on time and at the right price. That’s what we offer at Britannia today. With a global network of production facilities, a commitment to quality and a track record established over nearly 40 years in the garment industry, we’re well-placed to deliver. That’s why we’re a packaging supplier and trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest garment retailers.

A lot can change over three decades, and the fashion industry has witnessed upheaval on a particularly large scale. Constant demand for the latest trends at relatively low prices means brands can no longer get away with manufacturing a predetermined number of items at the beginning of the season.

The traditional, production-driven supply chain has transitioned into a market-driven supply chain that is far more complex and demanding than the conventional model. Retailers must anticipate trends and respond to sudden shifts in the global marketplace while maintaining the quality of their products and working with drastically reduced lead times.

We’re equipped to help our customers meet these challenges. Britannia is a global packaging supplier with a local feel. We combine the reach of a worldwide organisation with the flexibility and attention to detail of an independent, family-run business. With production sites strategically located in eight countries, we’re always near the point of manufacture. Garment industry supply chains now span thousands of miles, but we remain close to our customers and respond to their changing requirements with speed and agility.

However, Britannia is not just a network of strategic locations. We’re a packaging supplier with a strong heritage and a focus on innovation. We’re proud of our track record in the design and production of garment labels and packaging, but we also know how important it is to keep evolving, just like our customers, to meet the changing needs of extended global supply chains.

That’s why we use the latest technology to ensure we operate transparently. Our customers are guaranteed full visibility regarding the production and delivery of every label.

We’ve implemented innovative production tracking systems to ensure customers retain control of their supply chains and always know exactly how their labels and tickets are sourced. This has ethical and practical benefits, both for Britannia as a packaging supplier and for our customers. The precision of our systems eliminates downtime and production errors, and we’re able to deliver the best quality products on time, every time.