Heat transfers

Heat transfers

Woven and fabric labels aren’t always the best choice for certain garments, so we offer our customers heat transfers as a unique alternative.

If your company is looking for an alternative to conventional fabric labels, heat transfer solutions can make it possible to brand items of clothing without adding any extra material. Heat transfer printing is a simple and quick process which requires only an iron or industrial heat press, and Britannia can help to bring your label designs to life.

Tag free labelling can be the best branding option for sportswear, as woven labels could potentially aggravate the skin as a result of friction from intense exercise and movement. Heat press transfers are also well suited for use on baby clothes, preventing fabric labels from irritating the sensitive skin of very young children, or causing an unwanted distraction.

The absence of a conventional garment label can offer multiple benefits. Consumers don’t suffer the risk of an irritating label at the back of their neck, and companies know that their branding is permanently attached to the garment and cannot be cut out!

How can Britannia make heat transfer printing for garment manufacturers easy?

  • We can print heat transfers in a variety of shades using advanced color matching techniques. Transfers are silk screened onto a clear velum backing and come pre-cut and ready to apply. Create whatever style you desire by using heat transfer labels to produce graphics and designs on your clothing.
  • Our transfers are of the finest quality and garments will last intensive wear and washing without for your branding fading away or distorting. We use high quality screen inks to guarantee a long lasting finish.
  • Britannia can meet your brand’s ethical and quality standards. We source all our materials from suppliers that meet set environmental and health and safety criteria, ensuring that your heat transfers won’t be harmful to consumers. We only use inks that are free from falites, and require every supplier to meet EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) standards.
  • We have strategically located production facilities. Britannia produces heat press transfers at our factories in Egypt and Sri Lanka, offering close proximity to huge garment production industries in Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Our expert employees can advise on orders and help your brand to get the best deal. In order to be cost-efficient, heat transfer labels should be arranged based upon the size of the labels and the printing dimensions offered by the machinery. Talk to us if you are unsure how to place orders effectively, and we can help with your artwork.