Garment labels

Garment labels

Garment labels act as a connection between a garment and a retailer for the entire lifecycle of a product. Without those little woven garment labels bearing your logo, consumers won’t associate items of clothing with your brand during every wear. It’s therefore important to find a professional packaging partner to deliver high quality garment labels on time and to specification.

Care labelling is also a legal requirement in many countries as well as a practical necessity. By sharing essential information, printed garment labels can educate consumers on proper clothing care and extend the life of an item. This data must be fixed permanently in the garment and remain in good condition throughout its lifecycle. Bearing this in mind, packaging suppliers need to produce high quality items and handle client information efficiently.

Britannia has several decades of industry experience, and thanks to strong relationships with various major UK garment retailers, we know exactly how to satisfy a broad range of customers. Founded in 1976 as a family business, Britannia now spans nine countries in three continents. However, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness remain our three most important priorities.

We can work with clients to comply with the latest industry standards, whether they are a budget retailer or designer fashion brand. Britannia is even exploring sustainability in the garment packaging industry, taking new steps in a previously uncharted market and showing our innovative spirit.

  • Woven labels
  • Organic cotton labels
  • Care labels
  • Heat transfers
  • Leather patches & leather labels