Self adhesive variable data labels

Self adhesive variable data labels

A lot happens behind the scenes in the retail supply chain. Self adhesive variable data labels help brands to organise stock and keep customers satisfied.

Not all packaging needs to be directly attached to items of clothing. Self adhesive labels can also play a huge role in organisation on the shop floor, in stockrooms and warehouses, or even as part of transport and logistics.

Self adhesive variable data labels can help to arrange garments in store by size, style and price, adding or editing point of sale information on graphic swing tickets. They are also invaluable for displaying barcodes and other identification to act as a stock solution in the retail supply chain. Whatever your brand needs from self adhesive variable data labels, you can be sure that Britannia can satisfy.

The information shared on self adhesive stickers may change regularly, but Britannia’s commitment to quality is constant. Thanks to our many years of experience in the garment packaging industry, you can rest assured that all the relevant information is exactly where it should be, so you can give your undivided attention to the production of quality garments.

Self adhesive variable data labels

How can we produce the best self adhesive variable data labels for your brand?

  • Our technology can handle any variety of data points such as barcodes, sizing, colour and style. Data integrity is one of the most important qualities of variable data ticketing, and we have the ability to take care of this information accurately and efficiently.
  • Britannia uses version-controlled digital artwork libraries based in the cloud to efficiently manage all customer inputs and ensure uniform production of every garment packaging order. We can instantly generate visuals of self adhesive labels, and these designs can then be approved by customers online and sent straight to our state-of-the-art digital printing machines.
  • We have production facilities based around the world in strategic locations. We operate in close proximity to global hubs in the garment industry, resulting in lower transport costs and shorter lead times for your supply chain.
  • Our production tracking technology helps us to keep customers informed about their order. Real-time tracking allows you them to check where their self adhesive stickers are, and dovetail production accordingly.
  • Britannia work closely with our clients to develop the best possible packaging solution for your individual needs. Britannia provides each of our customers with a dedicated account manager, so no matter how large or small your brand is, you will always be able to speak to an expert who understands your unique needs.
  • Britannia also specialises in self adhesive fabric and paper labels

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