Woven labels

Woven labels

We’re helping our customers to create exciting new ranges of woven garment labels that match their brand ethos

Garment labels act as a vital link to your brand reputation. They bear the name of your brand, share essential information with shoppers and help to portray your brand’s reputation. Without it, consumers won’t associate an item of clothing with your brand during every wear.

As a retailer, the majority of your production costs may be dedicated to manufacturing items of clothing, but woven labels are often the only thing that shares your brand name and logo throughout the entire lifecycle of a garment. It’s therefore important that garment labels are of a high quality and look just right.

Woven labels

How can Britannia meet and exceed your expectations from woven garment labels?

  • We can create woven labels to suit your brand image and ensure ethical production. Every retailer has standards they want to adhere to, so it’s important that the production of woven garment labels can be monitored in order to achieve certain sustainability goals. We can work to meet industry-recognised OKE-TEX standards, and also take individual customer requests into consideration. Britannia is currently working with one client to create woven garment labels in India using 100% organic and sustainably produced cotton, expanding our abilities to produce the perfect product.
  • We can work to your budget and produce orders of high quality woven labels at a cost that suits your brand. Ordering garment labels is all about volumes, and Britannia uses various strategies to keep costs down based on the size of your order, working backwards from your needs to recommend the ideal approach.
  • Our factories are fitted with sophisticated weaving equipment to produce your woven garment labels at the highest speed and the best quality possible. Make sure products stand out when they reach stores by adding decorative flourishes and iconic brand imagery to your labels. We operate across several strategic locations, and every site meets the highest expectations of quality.
  • Britannia can look at your garment packaging needs as a whole. Luxury brands often use matching woven badges and swing tickets to create a unified brand image, so the whole experience must be considered from the outset. Britannia has years of industry expertise, and provides dedicated account management for every customer to guarantee that brands are handled by an expert. This personal approach to customer service is what gives us our competitive edge.

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