Care labels

Care labels

It is a legal obligation for retailers to attach wash care labels to every garment, but how can you ensure that care labelling won’t slow your supply chain down?

Over the last few decades, the amount of information required on care labels has changed dramatically. Country of origin information and care instructions are legal requirements in many countries, and retailers often require a large amount of point of sale information including style numbers and size. This data must be fixed permanently in the garment, often in multiple languages.

Wash care labels aren’t just there to tick a box. They also play an important role in educating consumers on garment production and care, and if an item is damaged during its customer lifecycle as a result of unclear or illegible care labelling, the retailer may face reputational damage and a spike in returns.

Care labels need to be attached to a garment prior to sale, and remain in great condition throughout the garment’s lifecycle in order to fulfill their role. It is therefore of paramount importance that garment brands find a professional garment packaging partner to supply high quality labels that will arrive on time and last the distance.

Care labels

What makes us the top choice for orders of wash care labels?

  • Our strategic network of production facilities allows us to supply care labels to your garment manufacturers wherever they are based. Britannia has factories located throughout Europe, Asia and even Africa, in close proximity to major garment producing markets. Less transport means lower costs and shorter lead times for your supply chain.
  • We use supply chain technology to keep track of every order placed with us, so that our customers can find out where orders of care labels are in the supply chain. Garment retailers can take back control of production processes, thanks to a high level of transparency within the supplier relationship.
  • Britannia can always speak your language. Managing the languages can be the most difficult part of producing a printed fabric label, but our state of the art software makes translations quick and intuitive. We use an automated translation tool which is able to manipulate this type of complex variable data, including Arabic script, and provide retailers with instant visuals of their labelling artwork online. Clients can then approve the designs to send orders straight into production.
  • We have almost four decades of industry experience and share our wealth of insider knowledge with customers. We know all the trade secrets about how to put the right fabric label in the right garment at the right time, in order for your care labels to survive their challenging lifecycle. Let us help you perfect your production supply chain.

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