Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum quantity for labels?
1000pcs per variant and size.

Is there a minimum quantity order for size tabs?
Yes, minimum 500pcs per size variant.

What are variants?
These are labels that follow the same specification in size, colour, layout and have variable changes i.e. changes to the text, a good example of this is S,M,L,XL these are variable but the specification of the label remains the same.

Can I just send across my request via email to be processed assuming you know what I have ordered – the last time I ordered was 2016?
Absolutely; no orders will be processed without written approval of the artwork and order.

Can my order be processed with an artwork specification I send to you?
We can accept this as a mock up however we generate our own production artwork with references. This can sometimes take 1-2 working days to be generated so it is always best to get your whole specification and artwork/mock up in at the same time.

Do you have a set price list?
We appreciate that each customer has a required standard and expectations, therefore we can only work based on a specification. Please download the forms most relevant to your order.

I am completely new to this and I am a start-up business; how long will it take if I want to place my order?
Firstly all the basics need to be established and you will need to know what kind of material you want to represent your business.  Please refer to the independent designer’s brochure as this will give you all information on our products.

I need a repeat order how do I go about this?
Please provide your full company name and address along with artwork references and if any detailing needs to be changed on the artwork, please clearly include this with a telephone number so we can update you of the progress.

Where will my order be made?
Depending on the material you have chosen, please refer to the brochure or the above lead time information.

Will I receive an exact delivery date?
As many of our products are made in our partner Britannia sites, we can only provide a rough delivery estimate.

Can my order be expedited if I pay more?
Orders follow a strict queueIf your order is required urgently your brand manager will need to confirm if we can do this for you.

When you have received my order from your partner Britannia site how long will it take for it to get to me?
Usually next day however if it is Scotland/Ireland or overseas it could take a few extra working days to get to you.

Do you provide services where you sew labels into garments?
Unfortunately we do not provide these services, however we can recommend a company that does provide this as a service. Please put in a request or call directly to find out more information.

Why do I need to include my address in the quoting process?
We require a delivery address so we can give you an estimate of the shipping costs, which are based on the weight and the destination.

My products have variable data how do I convey this on the specification form?
There will be a section for variable data, please include this on the forms. If the information is too great for the forms, then please create a document that clearly states all variable information.

I need to know what care label symbols/information I need to put on my label?
You will need to provide us with instructions and visuals via your own research and standards are always changing we cannot advise on this.

Can you provide a quote without artwork?
Ideally we need to see all artwork with clear instructions and concise specifications prior providing you with a quote.

Can my artwork be changed after I have signed it off and confirmed?
No, once all the details are confirmed and the sign off has been provided it cannot be changed.

If I need my order urgently what do I need to do?
Confirm your order and specification and make payment with proof of remittance; this will speed the order along. Once all is confirmed the order will go into production and your brand manager will confirm that the order is in production.

Will the product be sampled prior to production for my approval?
We offer pre-production samples at a charge.  It is always best to make an enquiry if you would like a pre-production sample prior placing your order.

I have a block print as a logo will you be able to do this on your labels?
If you are going for a printed label, then we advise against block prints as it can change the texture of the material and the ink does not sit well on the material thus causing it to look blotchy.